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Tourism: Looking forward to seeing fellow Ontarians this summer

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June 16, 2020 - Tourism is a very significant industry in Northern Ontario and the travel restrictions necessary to control the spread of Covid-19 are having real impacts on both tourism operators and the local businesses that rely on the people those operators attract. The tourism industry brings business to restaurants, hotels/motels, mom & pop shops, fishing/hunting lodges, museums, provincial/national parks and the list goes on. Without tourists, many of the businesses that rely on them will suffer a great deal during this pandemic. Many may not exist post-pandemic if measures aren’t taken to bridge the economic gap while we address the health crisis and the constraints it necessitates. 

Social vs. Physical Distancing

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June 9, 2020 - In combating COVID-19 citizens across the globe are being asked to socially and/or physically distance themselves in order to flatten the curve. But what exactly do the two terms mean for individuals?

Zaërs Small Batch

3 Juin, 2020 - Au moment de penser à une petite entreprise alimentaire, beaucoup de gens imaginent des restaurants, des camions alimentaires ou des cafés. Un aliment qui ne vient pas à l'esprit est le houmous. Avec sa recette familiale, Zaher’s Small Batch dépasse les attentes par son commerce local de houmous et qui est en pleine expansion. Une partie de leur succès découle des nombreux partenariats que Zaher's a créés en cours de route.

Northwestern Ontario: the grass IS greener!

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June 1, 2020 - Spending time in nature was found to be associated with increased health and well-being. Immersing yourself in nature that is protected by environmental experts helps ensure that people can access nature while mitigating damage.

North Star Air

6 Mai, 2020 - Se rendre du point A au point B peut correspondre à une lutte chez les habitants de certaines collectivités du Grand Nord ontarien. Lorsque l’accès routier est limité ou inexistant, il est presque impossible de recevoir des fournitures et de visiter les collectivités voisines. À part les routes d'hiver, le seul moyen qui permette de relier continuellement ces collectivités est l'avion. Avec des entreprises telles que North Star Air, l'accès au Grand Nord est facilité

Success of LIPs and RIFs: How do we measure it?

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April 14, 2020 - Northern Ontario communities are increasingly turning to international immigrants to fill labour gaps. However, in order to attract, integrate, and retain people, a lot of work must be done - especially at the community-level.

The Case for Immigration Post-COVID-19

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March 31, 2020 - The impacts from COVID-19 are and will continue to be felt in Northern Ontario. In the months ahead, policy makers, municipal leaders, and community-members will be asking questions about just how badly this pandemic will affect communities and, perhaps more importantly, how to move forward. But, in deciding how to strategize for the future, one thing should be certain: immigrants must be included in our strategy.