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The Benefits of Temporary Residents are Anything but Fleeing

August 2022 - If you feel like you see a lot of “we’re hiring” signs around your community these days, you would be right. That’s because Northern Ontario has a shrinking labour force due in part to baby boomers reaching the age of retirement but also low birth rates and youth out-migration.

Why track immigration in Northern Ontario communities?

April 2022 - All roads lead home: Immigration flows into Ontario’s north and what this means for RNIP impacts, lays out current immigration levels and characteristics in Northern Ontario’s five largest cities: North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, and Greater Sudbury.

Nous devons parler (we need to talk): Maintaining the Vitality of French-Speaking Communities

February 24, 2022 - An aging population, low fertility rates, and high levels of youth out migration: we’ve heard it all before. But what does this demographic shift mean for minority groups already in Ontario’s northern regions? Well, for the French-speaking population, it could impact the availability of French services such as access to a French-speaking nurse or the supply of French school teachers.

Measurement Month: Let's Get it Together

February 1, 2022 - Surveys, surveys, everywhere. If you live and work in Northern Ontario, you no doubt have been targeted by a survey. Likely more than one. You may even receive a few on the same day. The reason for that is simple.

You had me at “Public Policy”

When it comes to Experience North, you can’t blink —the four months always seem to fly by in an instant. However, like each Experience North cohort, their time here at NPI is jam-packed. From research and writing to getting out in the community, the Experience North placements are very busy.