Northern Analyst Collective

logo-nac-bilingual001The Northern Analyst Collective is a membership group of organizations, municipalities, charities, chambers, and more. By merging our collective resources, we can ensure that the smallest municipality or local charity can access high-end skills. The expert’s salary and benefits are covered in part by NPI/IPN and our sponsors, and in part through the membership fees paid by participating organizations. The end result is members are able to secure the skills they need when needed.

Become a member

What does my membership get me?

All levels of membership will receive:

  • Laid out final document (if appropriate)
  • Full French translation
  • The ability to draw on a professional resource in 1/2 day increments

Membership Levels

Platinum Membership: 45 days - $9,000 ($200 per day)

Gold Membership: 30 days - $6,300 ($210 per day)

Silver Membership: 15 days - $3,300 ($220 per day)

Bronze Membership: 5 days - $1,150 ($230 per day)

Basic Membership: 2 days - $500 ($250 per day)


*Sign up for a three-year membership and get a 5 per cent discount!
*Sign up for a five-year membership and get a 10 per cent discount!


Preview a standard membership agreement

Booking Information

Members can book their time as a block or a series of blocks that can be used for one project or for several.

Booking the services of the NPI analyst must be done at least one month in advance of the project start date (we recommend providing more advance notice, if possible).

To book all or a portion of your allocated days, Members will be asked to complete a short intake form stating the dates desired, project purpose or outline, data sources the member may have in-house, expected work tasks, estimated time required, and any special circumstances that may be relevant to the work. 

Download the intake form

Published Member Projects


Building a Home: Strengthening the Pathways for Newcomer Economic Integration

French Speaking Migrants to Greater Sudbury: 2017-2026

Assessing Labour Market Shortages in the City of Thunder Bay

Why Immigration Matters in Greater Sudbury Infographic

A Reason to Stay: Retaining Youth in Northern Ontario

On the Shores of Opportunity: An Economic Profile of Temiskaming Shores 

Taking Aim: French Speaking Migration Targets for Northern Ontario

The Turning Point? Estimating the Francophone Economic Impact in Algoma

Picture Yourself Here: An Economic Snapshot of Temiskaming Shores

Setting the Course: Navigating the North Superior Workforce in 2022-2023

Addressing the Cuts Left Behind: Anti-Racism and Discrimination Initiatives for an Inclusive Northern Ontario 

Larger project?

Is your project bigger than a membership can handle? No problem! NPI is always open to discussing research partnerships of any size, scope or duration. These arrangements can be done on the basis of in-kind (generally related to data access or data collection) or cash partnerships (NPI is open to matching partnerships in order to fund needed research).

Terms and Conditions

  • Research must be made public (some exceptions apply). NPI is a federally registered charity for educational purposes. As such all of our joint work will be made public within 60 days of the delivery of the final document to the member. In cases involving proprietary or confidential information, two reports will be created, one for public consumption and one for the member’s exclusive use.
  • First come, first served. The shared analyst will be booked by Members on a first-come, first-served basis. Where applications for the analyst’s time come in on the same day, the Member with the longest continuous membership gets precedence (join now!).
  • The fee entitles Members to use this service between May 1 and April 30 (NPI’s fiscal year).
  • Costs for travel, meals and accommodation that the Member requires for the analyst’s services will be covered by the Member, over and above the agreed-upon membership rate.
  • Any unused portion of your annual membership fee cannot be carried over into future years, rather, any unused fees will be kept in the common pool of funds to sustain the Collective for members in all of Ontario’s northern regions.
  • If you are attempting to book within one to two months of our fiscal year-end, and there is little availability, NPI will do our best to accommodate your request in the first quarter of the following year.
  • Members who require additional days of service to complete a project will be billed at $125 per half day. The number of additional days will be agreed upon in advance by NPI and the Member. Such requests will, however, be addressed on a case by case basis and will not take precedence over NPI’s related priority projects to which the staff member is already committed.
  • NPI reserves the right to reject a proposed project at our sole discretion based on concerns around appropriateness, efficacy, viability, data reliability or availability. Where NPI has such concerns every effort will be made to reach an accommodation with the Member before a project is rejected outright.