About Northern Policy Institute

A growing, sustainable, and self-sufficient Northern Ontario. One with the ability to not only identify opportunities but to pursue them, either on its own or through intelligent partnerships. A Northern Ontario that contributes both to its own success and to the success of others.

Northern Policy Institute is an independent policy institute. The objects for which the corporation is incorporated are:

• To advance education on the topic of sustainable growth in Northern Ontario, including sustainable growth for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people & communities in Northern Ontario, by conducting research and analysis in the field of economic, technological and social trends and then making the results publicly accessible,

• To advance education by providing internship positions to youths within Northern Ontario and by holding meetings, and conferences for the general public, media and government officials; and,

• To do all such things as are incidental or ancillary to the attainment of the above objects.


Northern Policy Institute is a non-partisan, federally registered charity for educational purposes providing fair, balanced and objective assessments of policy issues affecting all of Ontario’s western and northern regions;


Northern Policy Institute will support practical and applied research on current or emerging issues and implications relevant to Northern Ontario now and in the future;


Northern Policy Institute recognizes the value of multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary, and multicultural contributions to the collective advancement of Northern Ontario and works in a collaborative and inclusive approach to provide a full range of policy options for decision- makers;


Northern Policy Institute will complement the existing research efforts of Northern Ontario’s postsecondary institutions and non-government organizations and explore opportunities for coordinated efforts that contribute to the mandate of Northern Policy Institute; and


The work of Northern Policy Institute will be publicly accessible to stimulate public engagement and dialogue, promoting viewpoints on the interests of Northern Ontario and its people.

Northern Policy Institute is Northern Ontario’s independent, evidence-driven think tank. We perform research, analyze data, and disseminate ideas. Our mission is to enhance Northern Ontario's capacity to take the lead position on socio-economic policy that impacts our communities, our province, our country, and our world.

We believe in partnership, reconciliation, collaboration, communication, and cooperation. Our team seeks to do inclusive research that involves broad engagement and delivers recommendations for specific, measurable action. Our success depends on our partnerships with other entities present in or passionate about Northern Ontario.

Our permanent locations are in Thunder Bay and Kirkland Lake. We currently have a satellite office in North Bay. During the summer months, we have satellite offices in other regions of Northern Ontario staffed by teams of Experience North placements. These placements are for university and college students working in your community on issues important to you and your neighbours.

The work of Northern Policy Institute targets six priority areas:

Within these areas we strive to: enhance measurement, support sustainable community capacity, and encourage greater self-sufficiency.

What makes Northern Policy Institute unique is our independent and non-partisan approach to policy analysis.  This means that our assessments of the current and emerging issues facing Northern Ontario are always objective and provide balanced perspective to public and private sector decision-makers.   

How do we set our Priorities? 

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Setting our Research Agenda