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Profile Your Work or Submit Existing Research

If you have published, are about to publish, have read, or even just recall

reading a paper or report that impacts one of our priority areas of research and is relevant to Northern Ontario, let us know.

We are happy to profile the work of others.

Assessment Criteria






Propose a Paper


Northern Policy Institute is pleased to call for specific paper proposals in the categories listed below.

This section will update regularly, so you should check back often.


There are currently no requests for proposals. 

Community Capacity

There are currently no requests for proposals.


There are currently no requests for proposals. 

Submitting a Proposal


Policy Bytes


Northern Policy Institute staff, members, volunteers, and guest authors are invited 

to produce blogs and op-eds to be published on the Northern Policy Institute website and, in some cases, in daily, weekly, and monthly publications across Northern Ontario.



Volunteers and Contractors

NPI constantly collects names, resumes and contact information for individuals

to serve on our many internal volunteer groups or as paid contractors as authors, readers, or researchers. Individuals are invited to self-nominate or to nominate others for any and all of these positoins.

All applicants and all positions are reviewed regularly to ensure the maximum breadth and diversity of views within Northern Policy Institute.

How to participate