Our continued success depends on our commitment to the recruitment, retention and development of a talented and diverse team. Northern Policy Institute is eager to connect with individuals who can make valuable contributions to our increasingly dynamic and innovative organization.  

Don't self-select! NPI has hired librarians, historians, community developers, planners, accountants, business grads, teachers, and geographers. If you are studying administration, business or any of the social sciences and are interested in public policy or not for profits, you may be a fit with us.


Explore the benefits of working at NPI 

icon-file Current Job Postings

Staff Positions

Who should apply? Someone:

  • Looking to live and work in Northern Ontario;
  • Wishing to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world data and research and
  • Looking to have a concrete impact on local, provincial, and federal policies.

Are International Graduates Eligible? YES (if you are eligible to work in Canada, you are eligible to apply).

Applications open: Please keep an eye on our website or social media for when these opportunities are available.

Work term: standard 2-year (renewable) contracts.

Location: Thunder Bay or Kirkland Lake.

Salary Ranges:

  • Finance & Operations positions: $44,000 - $51,500 per year.
  • Marketing & Communications positions: $44,000 - $51,500 per year.
  • Analysts & Researchers: $46,500 - $54,000 per year.
  • Supervisors: $56,500 - $64,000 per year.
No current postings.


Who should apply? Someone who:

  • has recently graduated or is transitioning to a new job field and
  • is looking to build their resume.

Are International Students Eligible? YES (if you are eligible to work in Canada, you are eligible to apply).

Applications open: Please keep an eye on our website or social media for when these opportunities are available.

Work term: 12 months.

Location: Thunder Bay or Kirkland Lake.

Salary: $42,500 - $52,500 per year.

No current postings.

icon-group Experience North  Summer 2024

Every summer Northern Policy Institute makes available up to ten four-month placements across Northern Ontario. Usually housed with a partner organization in one of Ontario's Central, Western or Northern Regions, the placements learn first-hand about the cut and thrust of public policy debate and the realities of running a not-for-profit. Together we build human capital and get lived experience in the North. For more information, visit our Experience North page.

These positions are ideal for those seeking to build firsthand experience about real world policy research, marketing, communication, or the operation of federally registered charities. How this education work is done, how it is crafted, and to whom and how it is communicated. The added benefit is a chance to expand your knowledge and understanding of Northern Ontario.

Who should apply? Someone who is looking:

  • for a taste of living in northern Ontario;
  • to build their resume and experience the benefits of living in these remarkable communities and
  • for employment experience during their summer break, returning to school in the fall.

Are International Students Eligible? Unfortunately, NO – although we are working to secure funding to make this possible in future years.

Applications open: December.

Work term: May–August.

Location: Various satellite locations throughout Northern Ontario.

Salary Range:

  • Pursuing College or Undergrad: $20–$23 per hour, 35 hours per week.
  • Pursuing Masters: $24–$25 per hour, 35 hours per week.
Candidates are asked to provide a one paragraph statement as to why they have applied for the position in this specific community. Applications that do not include this information may not be considered.
No current postings.

icon-file How to Apply

Check our website for information about the positions available. For data and policy, each posting will have a different project associated with it. Take a look at all positions available to find a project that suits your interests and skills.

Read the job ad carefully. Each job posting will have the community that position will be located in. You MUST include a paragraph on why you chose that community. Read the job position carefully to ensure you don't miss any requirements.

Submit your 4 application components. Once you have chosen your ideal project and job position and double-checked any extra requirements needed for your application, send us your:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. References
  4. Paragraph on why you want to live and work in the community you have chosen

Please send all the above to and use the subject line indicated in the job posting.

More detail about available positions, application information and closing dates can be found on our website at