The Turning Point?


The Turning Point? Estimating the Francophone Economic Footprint in Algoma

January, 2022 | Raven Wheesk

Like much of Northeastern Ontario, the Algoma District has long been called home by thousands of Francophones. The expansion of the railways throughout Northern Ontario in the late 19th century created jobs in forestry, mining, and transportation that attracted thousands of newcomers, including many Francophones from Quebec. To this day, the Algoma District’s Francophone community plays a major role in the local economy. Francophones represent a significant share of the population in Northeast Ontario — 23 per cent of the total population self-identified as Francophone in the 2016 census. The Algoma District has a relatively lower share of Francophones, who account for 6.9 per cent of its total population. But 4,715 of the 7,730 Francophones in the Algoma District live outside of the region’s largest city, Sault Ste. Marie.


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