Working towards a Greater Sudbury


Working towards a Greater Sudbury: Concrete Actions for Knowing and Welcoming Your Community

June 2023 | Karly Mabee and Mercedes Labelle

The Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership (SLIP) and Northern Policy Institute (NPI) partnered to measure the effectiveness of the available frontline social services for immigrants and diverse populations in the Greater Sudbury region, including the current assets that help support immigration and retention within the region. In October 2021, NPI and SLIP conducted an asset map survey and followed-up using focus groups during the subsequent months. Fifty-nine organizations responded to the survey, and eight key groups were identified for focus group participation.

SLIP’s goal is to build and strengthen relationships with everyone in Sudbury, and building trust takes time. This paper offers strategic recommendations and concrete actions to inform new and existing initiatives in the region within SLIP’s capacity.


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