Making Sudbury a Welcoming Home


Making Sudbury a Welcoming Home: Perspectives from Newcomers

July 2022 | Lindsey Champaigne

Over the course of several months, the Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership worked with NPI to host a series of virtual discussion groups with diverse cultural communities in Sudbury to understand what the priorities and needs are for individuals in relation to Sudbury being welcoming community.

In addition to Greater Sudbury being a major hub in Northeastern Ontario, the discussion groups identified that it is less crowded compared to other major cities yet is still in close proximity to other hubs such as Toronto, Ottawa, and other Northern Ontario communities. At the same time, there were areas identified as barriers such as instances of microaggressions, connecting in with meaningful employment, and few cultural activities and food.

Several recommendations were provided such as incorporating and/or strengthening education about immigration and different cultures in schools and workplaces; ensuring employers have the appropriate tools and resources to help familiarize themselves with foreign credentials and experiences; and finally, continued support by the City, whether it be funding or space, for cultural events and programs.


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 This report was created as part of the Northern Analyst Collective. This project allows members to “time share” a professional policy analyst. By merging our collective resources we can ensure that the smallest municipality or local charity can access high-end skills at an affordable cost. For more information on the program click here.

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