Tangled Lines: Unraveling the Racism and Discrimination Divides in Timmins


Tangled Lines: Unraveling the Racism and Discrimination Divides in Timmins

March 2023 | Rachel Rizzuto

Creating welcoming communities requires the participation of all community members. As such, Northern Policy Institute and Environics Research asked the question, what are the current racism and discrimination realities in Northern Ontario communities that might impact welcoming efforts?

Online and telephone surveys were conducted in February 2022 as part of a broader initiative to collect comparable, consistent data across the regions of Northern Ontario. The results of the Anti-Racism and Discrimination Survey indicated that overall, the community of Timmins was welcoming and that the situation will continue to improve over the next ten years. Though, there were still some concerns noted by respondents.

For example, the experiences of Indigenous peoples tended to be relatively negative compared to the experiences of visible minorities. For example, a higher percentage of respondents believed Indigenous peoples were treated less fairly than visible minorities at work, school, and public places. Additionally, respondents stated that individual prejudice was a bigger issue for visible minorities and Indigenous peoples compared to discrimination built into laws and institutions. To learn more about the survey findings and recommendations, read the report here:


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This paper is a part of a survey series undertaken in February 2022 through the Measurement Month initiative. This program is an annual effort to leverage our individual resources to collect consistent, comparable data to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national levels

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