Northern Ontario Insights Series



Regional experts in Northern Ontario were interviewed in the Spring of 2022 to understand the challenges and opportunities in five areas: food security, immigration-migration, physician recruitment, post-secondary education, and homelessness, mental health, and addiction. The resulting policy insights have now been captured in a series of “think pieces” looking at the recommended policy focus for each of these issues in the coming year.

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Systemic Deficiency: Issues with Food Security in Northern Ontario

Kerem Karabeyoğlu



Welcome to Your New Home: The State of Immigration in Northern Ontario

Samrul Aahad




Slapping a Bandage on Health Care: The State of Physician Recruitment in Northern Ontario

Kerem Karabeyoğlu



Dollars and Degrees: Challenges for Northern Ontario's Post-Secondary Institutions

Samrul Aahad



Gaps in the System: Homelessness, Mental Health and Addictions in Northern Ontario

Samrul Aahad