Solving the Demographic Crunch: Calling on all guest bloggers

December 15, 2014 - Northern Policy Institute recently published a blog by Research Coordinator, James Cuddy, addressing Northern Ontario’s aging population entitled “Is Northern Ontario’s population aging or is it just getting less young?

The blog discussed how Northern Ontario’s aging population is being driven by aging baby boomers, declining fertility rates, and rising life expectancy. It also revealed that the region’s aging population is being exacerbated by youth and young adult out-migration. These are harsh realities being experienced by many jurisdictions.

Our staff and contract authors have been tasked to look at some of the solutions that have been tried in other areas and to consider if those solutions have worked and whether they would work for us.

But this is a big issue, perhaps the biggest our communities face. So Northern Policy Institute would like to invite you, our readers, to lend us a hand and offer your solutions and ideas.

Northern Policy Institute is accepting submissions for guest blogs that offer a solution to Northern Ontario’s challenge to attract and retain youth. How can Northern Ontario stop the bleeding and solve the demographic crunch?

Your blog should strive to answer some of the questions already being asked:

  • How to attract youth to the region?
  • How do we stop the youth who are already here from leaving?
  • Have other regions faced a similar problem? What worked or didn’t work there?

Guest blog submissions are welcomed from people of all ages and backgrounds. Blogs should be between 500 and 1000 words in length, (exceptions can be made). Your blog can express an opinion, but any opinions must be supported by evidence and research and all outside sources must be properly cited. Blogs should be free of spelling and grammar errors, proofread, and have a strong voice.

Not all guest blogs that are submitted will be published. Northern Policy Institute reserves the right to limit how many blogs are posted and when.

All guest blogs that are submitted will undergo our peer review process. This process involves an independent policy expert identifying the following items:

  • Errors of fact
  • Items omitted or unclear
  • Items in need of expansion/clarification
  • Items that can be deleted or are repetitive, and

The reviewer will then provide us with a general conclusion as to whether the piece should be published, not published or revised before being published.

All guest bloggers will be entered into a draw to win a Northern Policy Institute gift bag.  You will also be published on our website and you will be listed as a Northern Policy Institute contributor. This can be a great addition to your resume or C.V.

Please submit all blog no later than January 31, 2015 to

We look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. Happy Writing!

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