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Northern Policy Institute Resources



External Resources



  1. Evaluating Refugee Programs (thorough resource for program evaluation)
    1. Evaluation Capacity Readiness Tool
    2. Bibliography
    3. Outcome Inventory
  2. Pathways to Prosperity (an alliance of university, community, and government partners dedicated to fostering welcoming communities)
    1. Library (P2P-specific reports, publications, conference and workshop material)
    2. Sharing Settlement and Integration Practices that Work (list of “featured promising practices”) from around Canada
    3. Local Immigration Partnerships, Réseaux en immigration francophone, and Place-based Initiatives
      • Key documents and contact info for LIPs and RIFs – also has analyses of their strategic plants, evaluations, research interests, etc
  3. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
    1. Research reports and statistics
  4. Two-step Immigration Selection: Why Did Immigrant Labour Market Outcomes Vary by Admission Programs?
  5. Two-step Immigration Selection: Skilled Work Experience vs. Pre-arranged Jobs
  6. Canadian public opinion about immigration and refugees – Final Report

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot


Northern Ontario:

  1. 2SLGBTQ+
    1. Fierte Sudbury Pride
    2. Fierte Timmins Pride
    3. Kenora Pride
    4. North Bay Pride
    5. North Bay LGBTQI Families
    6. Out Loud North Bay
    7. Rainbow Collective of Thunder Bay
    8. Reseau Access Network
    9. Sault Pride
    10. The Pride Project
    11. Thunder Bay Pride Association
  2. Local Immigration Partnerships
    1. North Bay Local Immigration Partnership
    2. Northwestern Ontario Local Immigration Partnership
    3. Reseau du Nord
    4. Sault Ste. Marie Local Immigration Partnership
    5. Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership
    6. Timmins Local Immigration Partnership
  3. Multicultural Centres
    1. Kirkland Lake Multicultural Group
    2. North Bay and District Multicultural Centre
    3. The Multicultural Association of Kenora & District
    4. Thunder Bay Multicultural Association
    5. Timmins and District Multicultural Centre
  4. YMCA of Northeastern Ontario
  5. Canada:

    1. Canadian Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration
    2. Centre for Refugee Studies York University
    3. Pathways to Prosperity


 Data Sources

  1. StatCan
    1. Immigrants and non-permanent residents statistics (data, tools, and reports with the latest information on immigrants and non-permanent residents in Canada)
    2. Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB) (interactive application – economic outcomes)
  2. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada
    1. #ImmigrationMatters: Immigration and our local economies (data showing how immigration has impacted the economy in five Northern Ontario communities – 2020 data)
      1. North Bay
      2. Sault Ste. Marie
      3. Sudbury
      4. Thunder Bay
      5. Timmins
  1. Ontario Open Data
    1. Citizenship and Multiculturalism
    2. Colleges and Universities
    3. Francophone Affairs



Northern Ontario:




Data Sources

  1. First Nations Information Governance Centre
    1. Online Data Request Tool
  2. Ontario Open Data
    1. Labour, Training and Skills Development
    2. Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
    3. Indigenous Affairs
  3. First Nations Child & Family Caring Society – Indigenous Knowledge Portal
  4. Stats Can Indigenous Peoples

For those wishing to migrate to a Northern Ontario community:


  1. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
    1. Living in Canada (answer a few simple questions to get the help you need to settle in Canada and learn all about living here)
    1. My First Days
    2. Find Services Near Me
  3. IRCC
    1. Choose a Francophone community outside Quebec (resources on the local job market, resources by province)

For those already in a Northern Ontario community:

  1. First Nations Information Governance Centre
    1. OCAP Training Course

For those looking for employment in Northern Ontario communities:

  1. Northwestern Ontario
    1. North Superior Workforce Planning Board job board
    2. Northwest Training and Adjustment Board job board
  2. Northeastern Ontario
    1. YMCA of Northeastern Ontario job board
    2. Far Northeast Training Board job search
    3. Algoma Workforce Investment Corporation job board
    4. Sault Ste. Marie career board
    5. Nipissing and Parry Sound Labour Market Group job postings
    6. Workforce Planning for Sudbury and Manitoulin job board
  3. Ontario Workforce Planning Board employment supports
  4. The Labour Market Group – Employment Resources (Ontario)