Governance in Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario needs a willingness to make major changes 

Governance in Northern Ontario: Taking Ownership of the Future

September 27,  2016 | David MacKinnon

In the last thirty years, Northern Ontario’s economy has not performed as well as the province as a whole - or than the economies of northern parts of other provinces. Beyond economic issues, Northern Ontario is also underperforming in education and general conditions of its population, particularly Indigenous peoples.

Governance in Northern Ontario: Taking Ownership of the Future, by David MacKinnon, uses evidence to propose that Northern Ontario should pursue a regional governance model – people in a region determining their collective ends, means, and values - as a major step forward for the region.

MacKinnon looks to the experience of other northern jurisdictions, including Greenland, Åland (Sweden and Finland), Saskatchewan and Quebec. Overall, the available evidence strongly suggests that regional governance could be positive for Northern Ontario, but the structures that are most appropriate would likely vary depending on their location and size.


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