eHealth Webinar

Event Date: December 8, 2021 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Event Location: Online

Join us for a webinar on the delivery of remote healthcare in Northern Ontario

Northern Policy Institute, Medavie, and North Superior Workforce Planning Board want to explore the opportunities and risks related to remote delivery of healthcare.

We invite all interested healthcare professionals, teams, companies, and students, as well as provincial ministries, tribal councils, municipalities, First Nations, elected officials, federal agencies, and IT companies in remote and rural communities to participate. Three speakers will attend this webinar to speak on telemedicine in First Nations communities, international practices in the Global North, and the work of Medavie. Q&A sessions will follow each presentation and will be moderated by Dr. Sarah Newbery.


9:10 AM: Anders Tunold-Hanssen - CEO & Project Manager for the Nordic Interoperability Project 

9:40 AM: Orpah McKenzie - Director of eHealth Services at Keewaytinook Okimakanak eHealth Telemedicine

10:10 AM: Venky Kulkarni - Chief Technology Officer at Medavie


Dr. Sarah Newbery - Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Physician Workforce Strategy at Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Rural Generalist Family Physician with Marathon Family Health Team


Digital Society Webinar Series

We believe addressing the vulnerability, and unique needs of remote and rural communities are of the utmost importance. This project aims to put the decision-making authorities into local community leaders’ hands. This project will bring together residents of Northwestern Ontario, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, to build a sustainable digital society for the region. The relationships we are proposing to develop can be used for far more than the delivery of government services or the pursuit of economic opportunity. Critically, these tools, and their supporting infrastructure, can build relationships between people and communities that currently do not exist. We can begin to break down the chronic isolation of remote communities and work together to improve access to essential services and relationship-building opportunities.

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Anders Tunold-Hanssen

With a background from marketing and communication, Anders has worked in the borderline of consulting and entrepreneurship. After the establishment, build-up and successful exit of two start-ups, Anders entered into a management for hire position within the healthcare IT sector in the Nordics, and also led a national showcase initiative focusing on the sharing of health data across local/regional silos. Since 2018, Anders has led the Nordic Interoperability Project with the ambition of making cross-border patient and health data mobility the Nordic reality by 2030.




Orpah McKenzie

Orpah has dedicated her career to advocating and enhancing the care of First Nations people.  She is a graduate of Lakehead University School of Nursing and a member of Muskrat Dam First Nation.As the former Director of Health Services at KO, Orpah was involved in the development of telemedicine in First Nations since its earliest stages. Being fluent in the Severn Ojibwe dialect of the area has been an advantage to be able to communicate and understand needs and concerns of the people.

As Director of eHealth Services for Keewaytinook Okimakanak (KO) since 2011, Orpah enjoys the development of new ideas and projects in telemedicine and believes that despite the struggles in the early stages of development that this is an exciting time to be working in this area of health and technology.“Vision of KO eHealth Services- ‘to improve health for all First Nations communities through a sustainable First Nations telemedicine program that is holistic, community driven and culturally appropriate.”





Venky Kulkarni

A seasoned transformation and technology strategist, Venky has led complex business and technology initiatives for a variety of global organizations, from Fortune 5 companies to emerging start-ups.

In his role, Venky provides strategic leadership and oversight to drive Medavie’s business transformation. Venky has over 20 years of progressive leadership experience including Director of Technology for Wellpoint, one of the world’s largest for-profit managed health care companies; Director of Technology for GE-NBC Universal; and Consultant with the Walt Disney Company.

In addition to his corporate role, Venky serves on multiple boards and nurturing early-stage start-up companies.




Dr. Sarah Newbery - Moderator

Dr. Newbery is the inaugural Associate Dean of Physician Workforce Strategy.  In this role, she works with faculty, communities and other partner organizations to support strategic initiatives to enhance the physician workforce for Northern Ontario.

A rural generalist family physician of 25 years in the community of Marathon, she has held leadership roles in primary care, the hospital sector, the OCFP and the NW LHIN. She brings her knowledge of Northern Ontario and the health care system to her service in this role.