Slow to Charge?


Slow to Charge? How Canada's E-Vehicles Experience Measures Up Globally

October 2022 | Amelia Spacek

The federal government has a target that by 2035, 100 per cent of car and passenger truck sales will be zero-emission. Findings show, however, that Northern Ontario, Ontario and Canada as a whole are lagging behind their peers. The global experience with e-vehicles shows that the cause of faster electric vehicle uptake in certain countries appears to be a result of rebates and money-saving incentives.

As car manufacturers try to catch up with EV demand amidst a global microchip shortage, lingering supply chain disruptions, and record-high gas prices, countries like Canada are racing to establish themselves in the EV industry. Northern Ontario is well placed in Canada for this industry. It has significant deposits of minerals essential to battery construction—an advantage it hopes to capitalize on in the coming years.


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