Writing For Policy Bytes

Policy Bytes must be evidence based, solution oriented, and readily accessible to the average lay reader. Northern Policy Institute will use three different types of Policy Bytes; educational, policy advice, and success stories.

Policy Bytes should look like this:

  • State the problem;
  • Detail its consequences with evidence and real impact on real people;
  • Outline potential solutions with evidence or theoretical foundation (and informal citations);
  • Pick one solution to recommend as the correct one, and explain why.

Educational Policy Bytes should look like this:

  • State the problem;
  • Detail the various positions on it;
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all positions;
  • Pick a side.

Success stories should look like this:

  • Introduce a story that highlights success or good news in the North;
  • Provide background;
  • Discuss current developments;
  • Discuss future of project or organization;
  • Should include direct comments from individuals involved.

It is important to note that NPI is a NON-partisan research organization. As a result, Policy Bytes should not attack one political party or politician without dealing with all of the others, and NEVER refer to a government according to their political stripe or their leader's name.

NPI focuses on evidence-based material. Policy Bytes should avoid generic "experts say" statements. Proper citations should be provided where required and credit should always be given to another individual's words, ideas, or research.

Be objective and don't tell one side of the story. Use at least two sides; three or more if possible.


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