Working Warriors Webinar: Effective Diversity Strategies & Inclusion Tools

Event Date: February 22, 2023 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Event Location: Online

In this webinar, “Working Warriors: Effective Diversity Strategies and Inclusion Tools,” Jamie Saulnier, President at Working Warriors, discussed effective diversity strategies and inclusion tools available for communities, employers, organizations, and individuals.

About Working Warriors

Working Warriors has spent years learning about the diversity challenges employers face in the workplace. These challenges are often compounded when owners’ goals must be executed by others throughout the supply chain. This process leads to extra costs and relationship risk with community partners. To address this, Working Warriors has developed effective solutions and teams to assist their clients.

These include:

  1. Working with employers to develop diversity goals and strategy plans.
  2. Working with contractors to build effective engagement strategies.
  3. Working with communities to identify and inventory assets related to HR and ED.
  4. Working with education training organizations to develop the workforce.
  5. Working with governments to access funding programs.

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