We need volunteers to support our work in several ways. Please use the Volunteer Signup Form below if you are interested in any of the following opportunities:


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction and holds the President and CEO accountable for meeting the goals set out in the organization's business plan.

Membership on the Board of Directors is for renewable three year terms. Selection is made by the Members of Northern Policy Institute on the recommendation of the organization's Directors.

The Governance and Nominating Committee review applicants annually and puts forward recommendations to fill vacancies according to the limits and criteria outlined in the Northern Policy Institute Bylaws.

Learn more about our existing directors. 

Advisory Council

This is a group of committed individuals interested in supporting, but not directing, the work of Northern Policy Institute.

Leaders in their fields, members of the Advisory Council provide input on issues in their community or their personal areas of expertise. They help NPI facilitate communication with community leaders, key informants and affected persons. They also offer suggestions about potential researchers and peer reviewers, or other points of contact in the wider community.

Selection is made by the President and reflects Northern Policy Institute's mandate to serve all of Ontario's Northern Regions* and our commitment to an extra-Northern approach**. The nomination process for the AC is standing and open.

Learn more about our existing Advisory Council.  

Research Advisory Board

This is a group of academic researchers who provide guidance and input on potential research directions, potential authors, and draft studies and commentaries. They are Northern Policy Institute's “formal” link to the academic community.

Selection is made by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee and reflects Northern Policy Institute's pan-Northern mandate and extra-Northern approach. The nomination process for the RAB is standing and open. 

Learn more about our existing Research Advisory Board.  


* What do we mean by Ontario's Northern Regions? Northern Ontario is not a single region. Our research suggests it is a composite of at least thirteen separate economic regions. We are committed to working with and for all of Ontario's' northern regions. Not just the cities, not just the small towns, not just the Northeast, or the Northwest, or the far north. Our recruitment of volunteers, authors and experts will seek to reflect this diversity.

**What do we mean by extra-Northern approach? Northern Policy Institute believes that while Northern Ontario is unique, our problems are not, or at least not entirely so. Successes we have here, and successes others achieve elsewhere, create knowledge and opportunity for us all.  Northern Policy Institute will therefore work to both bring knowledge into Northern Ontario and disperse knowledge from Northern Ontario as frequently as possible.


If you would like to volunteer for a position on the Board of Directors, the Advisory Council, or the Research Advisory Board, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information. Thank you for your interest.