Tools for Communities

Event Date: March 15, 2022 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Event Location: Online

Learn more about the online tools available to you!


Data collection and analysis can seem pretty daunting to people and organizations that don't often work with data. Learn about the resources that you can access through our website that promote information sharing and provide you with a better understanding of your local area and the rest of Northern Ontario. 


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This workshop showcased the following tools available on our website:

Community Accounts

Is an innovative information system providing Northern Ontarians with a reliable source of community, regional, and provincial data on key economic and social indicators. This is the latest resource from NPI that aims to encourage information sharing and provides communities with a greater understanding of their local area and Northern Ontario as a whole. Community Accounts provides users with a single comprehensive source of data that would normally not be readily available, too costly to obtain, or too time consuming to retrieve and compile.

EXPLORE Community Accounts


NPI Maps 

This interactive map of Northern Ontario provides users with the ability to explore the many community, administrative and service provider boundaries in the northern regions of Ontario along with various infrastructure assets within Northern Ontario. The tool contains two dozen layers of displayable content, ranging from rail and road transportation networks to rest area facilities, population figures, carriers found at regional airports, and a remoteness index.



Economic Impact Calculator

A simple tool providing labour market data to inform investment decisions across 20 industries in 11 Northern Ontario Census Divisions.  It allows for a first approximation of economic impacts of an investment in Northern Ontario based on the census division and the sector.

EXPLORE Calculator

Additional information resource available:

For any questions or queries regarding any of the tools for communities on NPI website, please email