Sudbury District

Sudbury District

Northern Projections: Human Capital Series - Sudbury District

May 9,  2017 |  James Cuddy & Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami

The latest report from the Northern Projections: Human Capital Series recommends the Sudbury District build upon partnerships with Indigenous communities, to build capacity and address projected labour shortages. Authors James Cuddy and Bakhtiar Moazzami project the Sudbury District’s total population is expected to decrease by 18 percent from 2013 to 2041. As a result of this decline, the supply of labour is also expected to fall over the coming years, except for the Indigenous population, which is expected to increase at a growth rate of about 16.5 percent from 2013 to 2041.

The report offers three key recommendations to promote the long-term sustainability of the Sudbury District:

1.   Respond to the needs of the Indigenous population.
2.   Education and economic opportunities must expand on or near reserves.
3.   Greater investment in the success of newcomers and Francophones is needed in the Sudbury District.


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