Ring of Fire

Roads, Rail, and the Ring of Fire

September 29, 2015 | Rick Millette and Mike Commito

Is the Ring of Fire still Northern Ontario’s next big mining project? A new commentary published by Northern Policy Institute argues that it still has potential and that that potential could benefit the entire region. The commentary looks at what is needed to unlock the potential of the Ring of Fire, which includes overcoming the difficult terrain and establishing the needed infrastructure required to make the project a reality.

Some of the ideas currently being discussed include the North-South Road and Rail network, which would provide all-season access from Nakina to the Ring of Fire; the East-West Road, a 231-kilometer corridor extending from the Ring of Fire to Pickle Lake; and the Indigenous-led proposal to create a rail, sea port, fiber optic, and energy transportation corridor from the Ring of Fire to a seasonal sea port on James Bay.


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