Rainy River District

Rainy River District

Northern Projections: Human Capital Series - Rainy River District

January 31,  2017 | James Cuddy & Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami

The latest report to emerge from the Northern Projections Human Capital Series by Dr. Bahktiar Moazzami and James Cuddy offers several recommendations for Rainy River – a district already experiencing major demographic and labour market shifts.

The report offers three key recommendations to promote the long-term sustainability of the district:

1.   Enhanced access to remote and on the job educational opportunities - one potential solution to Rainy River’s declining workforce size and productivity is to promote higher education through increased access to services, especially for the Indigenous population who experience lower levels of educational achievement.
2.  Continue to invest in the Indigenous population -  labour force participation rates among the Indigenous population in Rainy RIver was generally lower and unemployment rates higher than the rest of the population. To the extent that desire to engage in the broader economy exists continued investments in supporting that engagement through education and skills enhancement should be made.
3.   Urban solutions will not work for Rainy River - essentially all of Rainy River district's population lives in rural areas as defined by Statistics Canada. Given the geographpy and distances involved, economic investment and immigrant attraction efforts should continue to focus on industries that flourish in this environment.
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