Pays Plat First Nation CLMR

Pays Plat First Nation

Community Labour Market Report: Pawgwasheeng (Pays Plat) First Nation

June 22, 2017 | Amandine Martel and José-Karl Noiseux

Northern Policy Institute has partnered with North Superior Workforce Planning Board – Your Local Employment Planning Council to provide communities with greater access to labour market information at the very local level.

The Community Labour Market Series provides local labour market indicators for communities in the NSWPB region, to assist leaders and organizations in the decision-making process. This information is intended as a starting point for an evidence-based conversation about why certain changes are occurring. It is now up to community members to explore and address the challenges and opportunities their community is experiencing.


The reports include information on ten key indicators:

  • Employers
  • Employment by Industry
  • Employment by Occupation
  • Local Knowledge
  • Population and Demographics
  • Migration
  • Education, Literacy, Skills & Training
  • Labour Force Participation
  • Wages
  • Income 


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Reports from the series will become available throughout the next few months, and will be accessible for download here and at


If you don't see your community listed, please check back regularly for updates.


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*Author's calculations are based on data available at the time of publication and are therefore subject to change.