Parry Sound District

Parry Sound District

Northern Projections: Human Capital Series - Parry Sound District

March 30,  2017 | James Cuddy & Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami

Northern Policy Institute, in partnership with the Northern Ontario Workforce Planning Boards, has released the sixth report of their joint effort; Northern Projections: Human Capital Series. The report, authored by James Cuddy and Bakhtiar Moazzami, focuses on the Parry Sound District, proposing secondary migration from the Greater Toronto Area as a solution to slow-growth population numbers.

The report offers three key recommendations to promote the long-term sustainability of the district:

1.   Work to build Parry Sound District as a centre for Francophone success in Northern Ontario.
2.   Market the district of Parry Sound as a desirable destination for secondary migration in Ontario.
3.   Continue to build on Indigenous partnerships.


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