Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan Project

An innovative new project led by Northern Policy Institute, in partnership with the North Superior Workforce Planning Board, your Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC), will help employers identify and access existing supports to hire individuals from these growing labour pools.

Baakaakonaanan Ishkwandemonan (pronounced “bah-kah-ko-nah-nun shkwahn-deh-monun”) – Opening Doors for You  focuses on identifying current best practices and promoting existing resources available for supporting the hiring of newcomers and Indigenous job seekers. 

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In the coming months, project staff will use social media, in person visits, and workshops to help employers identify and access the existing knowledge and supports they need to make inclusive hiring choices.

Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan (BI) will reward employers for engaging with existing service providers and fostering an inclusive workplace. Employers that complete a certain number of tasks will receive recognition in the media and free advertising and promotion online plus they will be provided with a visual identifier for their business storefront window and/or website. The project will also highlight best practices and recognize employer champions who have demonstrated their commitment to hiring newcomers and indigenous workers.

To learn more, visit the project's website.


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