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Setting Priorities for Northern Ontario’s Health Policy Agenda

February 25, 2015 | Patrick Timony, Kelly D. Coons, and Mallorie Leduc

A new briefing note released by Northern Policy Institute identifies expanded use of primary health care models as the best way to address shortages of primary care options in the region. The briefing note, prepared by Patrick Timony, Kelly D. Coons, and Mallorie Leduc of the School of Rural and Northern Health at Laurentian University, addresses the top priorities of Northern Ontario’s health policy agenda over the next three to five years.

“Northern Ontario is home to a large portion of First Nations, Francophone, and rural populations, all of which represent regionally unique challenges for addressing proper access to health care than the rest of the province,” the paper reads.

The authors argue that the prioritization strategies that they outline address physician shortages, an aging population, and a lack of mental health support in Northern Ontario.


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