Federal Economic Agenda

A Federal Economic Agenda for Ontario

May 2015 | The Mowat Centre

Northern Policy Institute, along with The Mowat Centre and the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity began a project to create a Federal Economic Agenda for Ontario in the lead up to the expected federal election in 2015. The project was introduced during the 2014 Ontario Economic Summit.

According to the discussion paper, the purpose of the Federal Economic Agenda for Ontario is to, “Define clearly the challenges and opportunities facing Ontario, develop a common vision and agenda on key economic issues, inform public dialogue, outline policy options that could be pursued by the federal government, and inform platform development by political parties in the lead up to the federal election.”

The paper proposes five objectives that a federal policy agenda should support:

1)   Increased labour force participation
2)   Increased productivity
3)   Improved economic opportunity for all and reduced poverty
4)   Increased exports
5)   An improved federal fiscal framework that supports Ontario


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