Exit Signs, Northeastern Ontario, and Out-Migration


Exit Signs, Northeastern Ontario, and Out-Migration

December 2022 | Kerem Karabeyoğlu

This report summarizes the findings from Northern Policy Institute’s Exit Survey, which asked those that previously lived in Northern Ontario communities about factors contributing to their decision to leave. This report specifically focuses on the responses of those that previously lived in a Northeastern Ontario community.

More specifically, respondents were asked to consider socio-economic factors such as their employment and housing satisfaction, opportunities present in the community, and their sense of belonging to provide greater insight on their decision to leave. The paper also provides recommendations aimed at reducing the number of out-migrants from Northeastern Ontario communities. 


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This paper is a part of a survey series undertaken in February 2022 through the Measurement Month initiative. This program is an annual effort to leverage our individual resources to collect consistent, comparable data to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national levels

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