Northern Ontario Circular Economy Symposium


Circular Economy? The circular economy movement is one of the biggest ideas in sustainable thinking at the moment.

Join this virtual symposium to explore the concept and application of a circular economy model to Northern Ontario. Learn about the possible benefits to Northern industries in their economic recovery, future growth, job creation, and sustainability efforts.



About Circular Economy 

In a circular economy, we would use our regional “waste” to create regional jobs. Forestry is already a global leader in this area. Other industries can and should follow their lead. Producing things locally by reusing material or taken old items apart and reshaping them into new products. Visualize an economy where we minimize waste and generate prosperity for future generations. Creating more self-sustaining communities, producing more jobs, becoming our own supply chain, and reaping the benefits regionally are the goals of a circular economy.

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     Angela Recollet             David Oswald


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    Aaron Henry                   Dr. John Gunn              Ana Belen Sanchez      Dr. Gary W Bota     

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                        Peter Xavier                 Marc G. Serré            Charles Cirtwill


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