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Build a Stadium Downtown

Build a Stadium Downtown and They Will Come

May 26, 2017 | James Barsby

On March 7th 2017, the Council of the City of Greater Sudbury approved the decision to move forward with a new 5,800-seat ice-only arena at a price tag of $100 million – much of which to be financed internally by the city through taxpayer dollars. The new arena would result in the Sudbury Wolves (an OHL hockey team) moving from their current home in downtown Sudbury, the Sudbury Community Arena, to a suburban location which some hope will create a new commercial hub in Sudbury (True North Strong Event Centre 2017).

The decision to move the Sudbury arena leads to a number of important questions about sports stadiums and cities, such as: what models for stadium location exist, what is the industry standard in stadium location, and what is best for the City of Greater Sudbury?

Research for this piece resulted in the identification of three models for the location of sports arenas: the suburban stadium, the mixed model and the downtown arena.


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