BIG Presentations

The government of Ontario is currently exploring a basic income guarantee pilot project within the province.

Our recent conference October 5-6 in Sudbury, ON saw experts from around the country present their own current research on the topic of basic income guarantee. Please see below to watch their presentations and view their slides.


Dr. Mike Moffatt - "A B.I.G. Typology - and what we might be able to afford"

Click here for Dr. Moffatt's slides


Dr. Lindsay Tedds - "B.I.G. Tax Implications - depending on the model we choose"

Click here for Dr. Tedds' slides


Dr. Evelyn Forget - "It's 2016, do we still need a B.I.G.?"

Click here for Dr. Forget's slides


Dr. Valerie Tarasuk - "B.I.G. and Food Security"

Click here for Dr. Tarasuk's slides


Michael Crawford-Urban and Christine Yip - "B.I.G. and Social Innovators"

Click here for Mr. Crawford-Urban and Ms. Yip's slides

Click here for Mr. Crawford-Urban and Ms. Yip's newly released report


Dr. Gayle Broad - "Basic Income Guarantee and First Nations"

Click here for Dr. Broad's slides

Click here for Dr. Broad's newly released report with co-author Jessica Nadjiwon-Smith