B.I.G. and Food Insecurity

Basic Income Guarantee for Food Insecurity

Implications of a Basic Income Guarantee for Household Food Insecurity

June 15,  2017 | Dr. Valerie Tarasuk

Household food insecurity—the inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints—affects almost one in eight households in Ontario. The latest report from Northern Policy Institute’s B.I.G. Series argues that a basic income guarantee would be an effective policy solution to reduce household food insecurity among those most vulnerable to this ongoing problem.  The report also argues that addressing food security is critical to improve health outcomes for Ontarians.

This paper is the third of a series that explores the various topics presented at NPI’s Basic Income Guarantee conference in October 2016.

To view presentations from the NPI’s BIG conference and explore comments and feedback from participants, please click here.


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