Algoma District

Algoma District

Northern Projections: Human Capital Series - Algoma District

April 6,  2017 | James Cuddy & Dr. Bakhtiar Moazzami

A sustainable Algoma District would benefit from revaluating how education is delivered and the workforce is engaged, particularly for the Indigenous population. This is the main conclusion coming out of the eighth installment of the Northern Projections: Human Capital Series. Authored by James Cuddy and Bakhtiar Moazzami, the evidence-based series is a partnership between Northern Policy Institute and the Northern Ontario Workforce Planning Boards.

The report offers three key recommendations to promote the long-term sustainability of the district:

1.   Implement a well-rounded migration strategy.
2.   Respond to the needs of the Indigenous population.
3.   Continue to build on the regional  growth in workforce participation of women.


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