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How an Institute finances its work can have a profound impact on all aspects of its internal operations and how it is perceived by external stakeholders and decision makers.

As an organization seeking to be exclusively evidence driven, self-sufficiency is the single most important fiscal priority of Northern Policy Institute.

There is, in our view, greater predictability in a donor base made up of varied and perhaps even “competing” interests. Big and small business, public and private funds, individual donors and “vested interests”. Competing interests make for greater freedom to follow the evidence and less concern about impacting the bottom line through unpopular findings.

Every donation, whether $50 or $50,000 is important.  We invite your support at any amount. For information on how you can donate, please see below.

All donors will be recognized by name on and in Northern Policy Institute annual reports.

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Additionally, donors will receive an e-copy of all Northern Policy Institute publications and a subscription to the Northern Policy Institute's e-newsletter, 'Due North'. All donors will also receive a tax receipt.


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Ease of Donation

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