Standing Open Invitations

Point - Counter-point

While our staff, volunteers, stakeholders and partners are barred from influencing our authors, they are also free to disagree with them. Northern Policy Institute exists to promote informed, respectful, evidence-based debate about policy solutions for and from Northern Ontario. We have a standing open invitation to those who disagree with a paper or report to submit a counter argument, based on evidence, for consideration for publication. But the terms are the same for the counter-point as they were for the “point:” it has to pass through our double-blind peer review and be accepted by the readers for publication.


While we are not a consulting firm for hire, NPI is always open to partnering on pure or applied research projects. Partners can contribute in cash, or in kind. Many organizations, for example, have access to data only they can collect. We are happy to work with them to provide the skill and experience to analyse that data. We have only two conditions: the authors are free to reach whatever conclusion the evidence leads to, even if those findings run contrary to the interest of the partner organization; and, the research, once completed, must be made public.

Where privacy concerns are an issue, public reports will only include data that cannot be attributed to individuals. In this way NPI can secure information about communities that can help inform the public and decision makers, while partners can secure valuable internal administrative and client level analysis that can privately be used to enhance service delivery.

Research if Necessary – but not necessarily research

Northern Policy Institute is very aware of the scope and quality of work being done around the globe on issues that have direct implications to the quality and sustainability of our communities. We invite anyone who has commissioned or written a report on issues of relevance to Northern Ontario to submit it for republication on our website.

Data and Measurement

As with research and analysis, there are any number of organizations collecting, producing or using measures of economic, social and environmental sustainability or growth in Northern Ontario. We invite those in need of particular data to contact us so that we can ask the experts known to us if the data exists already or whether it can be collected going forward. We similarly invite those who collect or have data about Northern Ontario to let us know what they have and we invite them to allow us to share it with others in or interested in the north. We make this invitation to anyone doing direct measurement, primary interviewing (polls and surveys) or secondary (targeted or drill down) analysis of larger data sets.


If you have any questions, please contact us


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