Message from the Chair

pierre-belanger-croppedFor the past six years, Northern Policy Institute has been conducting exciting
research and analysis in the fields of economic, technological and social trends –
the results of which have been made accessible to decision-makers, local players,
and the general public. This year, we took it a step further.

Through our partnerships with economic development offices, educational
facilities, government agencies, local communities and municipalities, NPI was
able to not only identify opportunities, but was able to pursue them.

Our International & Community Matchmaker project and our newly launched
Northern Analyst Cooperative are applied research projects putting our ideas to
work in your community. Furthermore, with the guidance of the public, the 2018
State of the North conference theme was “Bold Approaches: Taxing for Growth”.
The conference explored how other regions use tax policies to drive growth, and
how these policies might apply to Northern Ontario to grow our communities and
reduce inequalities.

We continue to publish valuable and accessible research to everyone in the North. These papers have become important
tools that are used by a variety of businesses and organisations throughout Northern Ontario. Our publications on
immigration, public health, tourism, skills development, infrastructure and income have received media coverage at local,
regional, provincial and national levels.

Each year we see a number of our Directors depart the Institute’s Board. Their support, commitment and guidance was
greatly appreciated. We look forward to the contributions to be made by this year’s new faces from Thunder Bay, Kenora
and Sudbury. These Board members are rich in experience and are a tremendous sources of knowledge – we are happy to
welcome them.

And, of course, none of this work could have been done without the dedicated NPI staff. Charles’s commitment to Northern
Ontario is evident and NPI is fortunate to have such a creative and dynamic group of young professionals on the team. I
would like to thank all of them for their ongoing hard work – they are what makes NPI a youthful and relevant organisation.
NPI looks forward to continuing its work in making Northern Ontario communities sustainable. We’ve come a long way and
now is not the time to stop. NPI remains committed to making data publicly accessible, encouraging greater self-sufficiency
and supporting the continuous growth of all communities. Together we build a Northern Ontario that contributes both to its
own success and to the success of others.


Chair of Board of Directors