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COVID-19 and CyberCrime: How rogue nations and cyber criminals are exploiting a global crisis

May 22, 2020 | David Bruno
For the truly nefarious, even a crisis is an opportunity. Canadian, American and European authorities have noticed an
uptick in cybercrime incidents as more people work from home. The threat expands further as government employees and
legislatures attempt to move to remote workspaces. Together, corporate and government employees could be facing
billions of dollars in additional costs from ransomware, phishing or malware attacks. The flow of information has never been
so weaponized as it has in recent years. The biggest and most brazen attacks seem to have been launched by the Russian,
Iranian and North Korean state authorities. To protect citizens and states, tools such as end-to-end encryption and zero-trust
architecture need to be deployed in mainstream applications.
While the focus of this document is primarily on ensuring we have a strong network perimeter, it should also be acknowledged that users need to be educated as well as they arguably are the weakest part of any network. 


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